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Monday, February 04, 2008

Tony O'Clery - A Bitter Old Man

It appears that after GuruRatings Sarlo slapped Anthony Tony O’Clery with a temp ban, he went psycho and started spamming various individuals with hateful emails (a known and typical tactic of his).

The following three posts from the GuruRatings Yahoo Group are just more proof that Tony O’Clery (aka aoclery) is spiraling out-of-control (please note that the referenced links to the GuruRatings Yahoo Group require a membership):

GuruRatings Post # 01:
“Yeah Tony sent me all that shit too.

It is old and tired and irrelevant to ANY thingy we are about on GR.

I say if Tony won't take down those Ancient History sites and join the Real nondual world, then I say, BAN him Absolutely (no reading rights either, if that's possible) from GR until he does.

TonyO, for all his Via Para-Advaita Negativa, he SURE is carrying an entire SHITLOAD of Heavy Duty Hate and Ill-Will.

Not a good segue into the next incarnation.

No Anti-Sai site takedown, No TonyO.

Categorically, Non-Negotiably.

Tony's about a TRULY nondual as my wife's asshole, I mean MY asshole, whatever.

Gay and Bi-Guru Gary Straights Accepted too, with note from therapist or spiritual counselor.”


GuruRatings Post # 02:
“Yes, I did research into this once and it is true, Sai goes out of his way to be kind

I don't understand the fuel behind TonyOc's hate.

Yes, I double that. I got 2 e-mails form Tony in privi after Sais' Birthday saga what was the same old hate flame nonsense..”


GuruRatings Post # 03:
A screen-cap to another post (Reference):


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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tony's Temp Ban On GuruRatings

Tony O'Clery has a big mouth and doesn't know when to shut up. As a matter of fact, Tony O'Clery's verbal diarrhea finally got to GuruRatings Sarlo and he finally slapped Tony with a temporary ban.

On January 30th 2008, Sarlo (owner of the GuruRatings Yahoo Group) said:
Sarlo's post to Tony:
As seen from here, this is completely disingenuous. The nicest thing you could have done for his (presumed) birthday would have been to shut the fuck up, instead of post after post after post after post after post after post after post after post after post after post about how fucked up he and his association with SSB are. We have been there and done that, as you well know, so this is singularly ungracious.

In a way it's too late. The opportunity to shut the fuck up has already been missed, but perhaps late is better than never. So to help you to remember to shut the fuck up, you can have a vacation from posting for a couple of weeks. As you know, i am not a sympathizer of the guru-figure you love to criticize. This is about you, not your "cause."

You mentioned in another post something about someone else's obsession. Take this as an opportunity to examine obsession a little closer to home. It is clear from your sharings with Joyce and others that the inner crab will take any excuse to dump some of its oversupply of invective. Time to ask, "How's it workin for ya?" Surely a jivanmukta is not so universally censorious.

Ta ta, Sarlo

(Reference - Must be a member to view the post)

After Lisa pointed out Tony's ban, he took off on one of his typical rabid rants (using his Saktidasa Account) on the SathyaSaiBaba2 Yahoo Group and made 10 consecutive posts attacking Lisa, Simon and me.

Poor Tony O'Clery. He just doesn't know how to keep his big mouth shut (which seems to be a common characteristic among critics of Sai Baba).

Also See:
- February 4th 2008 Update
- O'Clery Banned From Advaitin Yahoo Group

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Tony Pinocchio O'Clery

On January 28th 2008, Anthony Tony O’Clery submitted an article on the SathyaSaiBaba2 Yahoo Group (which he also published on his website at: that said (in part):
“I have had my computer hacked, my ids usurped, had email sent to me from my own email account,(how do they do this I don’t know, they must have a computer group in sai baba’s H.Q.), porn sent to me etc etc etc. Posts were spuriously written then attributed to me then attacked by the same gang that wrote them. The amount of spurious stuff is nothing short of amazing, every trick in the computer book on character assassination. IPs were manipulated, which was a suprise to me, as I thought they were inviolable. I suspect they had hacked into my hardrive, with some kind of programme. Even suggesting that I wrote my own reviews for my books, by deliberately ‘confusing’ two people with similar names.Kind of like Smith or Smythe,or Smit and Smitts, so Das and Dass.They also take things out of context like saying I said so many millions were killed in the camps, and then saying I said that was the proven total,ignoring that many were not killed in the actual camps, or taking a joke I made about myself re surfing in Australia and then using it along with other distortions to try and discredit me.I even received ‘death threats’ and warning that I would be killed if I returned to India.”

Tony O’Clery is apparently trying to deceive readers into thinking that he did not write many of his hundreds of utterly psychotic posts as recorded on the SathyaSaiBaba2 Yahoo Group, where one can read over 2,300 posts made by his known name of “aoclery” (Ref) and over 110 posts made his known name of “saktidasa” (Ref). Under his saktidasa ID, Tony posted under the following names (Ref):

  • Saktidasa

  • S

  • Narayan

  • N

  • Narayan Dass

  • Juan Carlos Delgado

  • Juan

  • Joe Moreno (using my name)

In most of the “saktidasa” posts, they characteristically begin with “Namaste” and end with a series of periods before the signature (which are characteristic of aoclery’s known writing style). On all these posts, the IPs are identical and resolved to the same internet service provider (Delta Cable Communications Ltd.) originating in the same city (Vancouver) in the same state (British Columbia) and in the same country (Canada) as Tony O’Clery’s.

From the year 2000 (when Tony O’Clery defected from Sai Baba) through January 27th 2008, Anthony Tony O’Clery:

  • - NEVER ONCE stated or complained that his computer was hacked.

  • - NEVER ONCE stated or complained that posts were fraudulently made under his name.

  • - NEVER ONCE stated or complained that he received ‘death threats’ from Sai Devotees (these alleged ‘death threats’ and warnings appear to have originated through his demon trances and psychic family readings).

  • - NEVER ONCE stated or complained that his IDs were “usurped” (as a matter of fact, O’Clery openly claimed that his IDs were shared among visitors in his “guest house” and he gave permission for them to use his IDs 01 - 02).

  • - NEVER ONCE stated or complained that his IPs were manipulated, copied or used fraudulently.

All of these claims are newfound ones and are wholly unbelievable.

It is common knowledge that internet spammers, viruses and trojans can employ a tactic called E-mail Spoofing, through which one can receive spam (including porn spam) from one’s own email address. This tactic is well known and is a very common complaint (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04). Therefore, no one in the Sai Org “hacked” into Tony O’Clery’s computer, email or hard-drive as he erroneously and ignorantly claimed.

It appears that the ever-so-paranoid Anthony Tony O’Clery is doing what he does best: deceive, lie and exaggerate. One can’t help to notice that Anthony O’Clery did not back up any of his allegations with verifiable or referenced material. He did not divulge the alleged death threats. He did not divulge the alleged faked posts. He did not divulge the alleged faked IPs. He divulged absolutely nothing to support his frenzied, conspiracy and paranoid Anti-Sai accusations.

Tony O’Clery is a pathological liar (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04) who has cried “wolf” hundreds of times too many (probably because he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the truth of his nature keeps slipping out).

Proof O’Clery Is “Saktidasa” And Thus “Narayan Dass”:
O’Clery attempted to deceive the gullible and naive into thinking that someone else in his household is posting under the name “saktidasa” (allegedly using the name “Narayan Dass”). However, it is clear that Tony O’clery is lying about not being “saktidasa” (apparently, splitting off to another one of his multiple personalities).

To prove my point, O’Clery signed his own name (i.e., “Tony”) to multiple submissions posted under the name “saktidasa” on his advaitajnana Yahoo Group (Refs: 01 - 02). Why would O’Clery sign his own name to messages allegedly written by “Narayan” (i.e., “Saktidasa”) if he is not “Saktidasa”? I am sure that O’Clery will resort to more of his psycho-babble to explain these significant errors. But to those of us who are aware of O’Clery’s ceaseless pathological lying, his behavior is just more of the same old deceptive slop. It is also important to point out that Saktidasa also begins his posts with “Namaste” and resorts to O’Clery’s typical usage of multiple periods: “......”

View the following two posts:
O’Clery: Source Code: IP:
Saktidasa: Source Code: IP:
The IPs are exactly the same.

The following screencaps show how Tony O’Clery admitted that the “Saktidasa” account was his since 2005 and even signed his own name to posts made by “Saktidasa”:

Image Below: This “Saktidasa” post was signed “Tony”:

Image Below: Tony said, “When I posted under an assumed name Saktidasa...”:

Image Below: A few posts made by “Saktidasa” (Tony O’Clery) on the HarshaSatsangh Yahoo Group:

Read Psychotic Posts Made By Tony O’Clery aka “Saktidasa” aka “Narayan Dass”


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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blogged Index Of Articles To Date

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Delta, Vancouver, British Columbia

- O'Clery Banned From Advaitin Yahoo Group
- O'Clery's Rape Claim On QuickTopic
- Tony O'Clery's Reckless Defamations Continue
- Tony O'Clery Vandalism On Wikipedia
- Tony O'Clery "Sucked By Baba"
- Bogus 'Westminster Time Files' Book Review
- Sathya Sai Baba
- Tony O'Clery Defames India's President
- "Photographic Evidence" Conspiracy Theory
- Barbara Dent And Tony O'Clery
- Psychics! Psychics! Psychics!
- Tony O'Clery's Bologna Machine Kicks Into High Gea...
- Related Blogs - Exposing The Exposers
- O'Clery & The Racist/Extremist Group Stormfront
- O'Clery, Sanjay & A Kinky Boot Fetish
- O'Clery's Acid Trip, Alcoholism And Psylocybin
- Ahimsa With A Side Of Bacon
- Outdated Stolen Kidney Propaganda
- O'Clery's Multiple Personality Disorder
- Who Are You Going To Call? The O'Clery Ghost Buste...
- O'Clery's Demon Trances
- Tony O'Clery Gay And A Molestor?

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

O'Clery Banned From Advaitin Yahoo Group

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Delta, Vancouver, British Columbia

Although Tony O'Clery has been put on moderation in many Yahoo Groups due to his big mouth, he has also been banned. Just recently, O'Clery was banned for one year from the Advaitin Yahoo Group:
It is the majority view of the moderators that member Tony Cleary be awarded a red card.

Although being a member for many years, his posts continue to repeat the same misguided ideas that serve only to confuse those less experienced members who might take his seniority for knowledge and to upset some of the more devout members. His views are submitted in terse format without substantiating references from the scriptures despite repeated requests that such supporting statements be provided. These views do not seem to have altered despite numerous attempts by various members to correct them over the years. Whilst members are obviously entitled to hold whatever views they wish, it is not acceptable to express them under the guise of Advaita as expounded by Shankara, this being contrary to the guidelines of the group.

Tony will remain a member of the group if he so wishes but posting privileges will be withdrawn for a 1-year period.


Just more proof that Tony O'Clery is a antagonistic person with a big mouth who tries to shove his psycho-babble down other's throats.

Tony O'Clery was also blocked on Wikipedia for 31 hours for vandalizing the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article. O'Clery also defamed Pro-Sai Activists as being "pedophile groupies" on his talk page.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

O'Clery's Rape Claim On QuickTopic

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Delta, Vancouver, British Columbia

Under Tony O'Clery's IP on QuickTopic, he made the following defamatory posts under the fake name "Angelic" (attempting to impersonate another user with that name):
Boy raped as he walked to school..sai baba official suspected.
An 11-year-old boy was raped as he walked through woods in Hampshire on his way to school.

The victim was attacked on Tuesday morning, off Beta Road, Farnborough, police said. A police cordon has been set up around the scene.

It is believed he was assaulted by a man he did not know.

The boy is being interviewed by specially trained officers, and police are appealing for anyone who was in the area at about 0830 BST to come forward.
Vigilance warning

Det Ch Insp Jim Antczak, of Hampshire Constabulary, said extra officers would be put on patrol in the area.

Det Ch Insp Antczak said: "The major crime department and local CID officers are at the very early stages of the investigation into the serious sexual assault of an 11-year-old boy.

"I would like to take this opportunity to ask parents and children to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to the police immediately.

"I would also like to urge anyone who may have any information about this incident or anyone who was in the Beta Road area to get in touch."
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/03/27 15:47:26 GMT

© BBC MMVII" (Reference)

"no it was cnn, the four year old just crossed the street from his parents house. He was molested and chopped up and buried in the backyard.He son held the boy, her husband raped him whilst she masturbated according to cnn.

I think afterwards they went to bhajans at the sai centre. The police said there was a big picture of sb on the wall, and they offered the rape to him, understanding he would relish the idea." (Reference)

Needless to say, this is not the first time that Tony O'Clery has engaged in this type of defamatory, fraudulent and disgusting behavior. On the SSB2 Yahoo Group, O'Clery submitted the following post:
"sb organiser arrested in Uk?

Paedophile pushed drugs on girl

Victor Kelly asked young girls to call him Uncle Joe A man who offered a 12-year-old girl cocaine so she would have sex with him has been jailed. Victor Kelly, 62, admitted supplying the drug and sexual assault, but police believe he abused dozens of girls under 14 over the past decade.

He was arrested after police bugged his flat in Guinness Close, Hayes, and his car for four days.

Kelly was told he would serve half of his eight-year sentence in jail and half on licence." (Reference)

After confronting Tony about this shameless lie, he responded by saying:
"I knew you guys are so absorbed with your own lunacy that you would miss that and rave on, which you are doing hahhaahahah. What great entertainment for me hahahahahaahahhah. I don't know who the guy is or even if he was a sb organiser, but he probably would make a good one hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" (Reference)

Tony O'Clery sounds like a raving lunatic who is neurotically obsessed with pedophilia and homosexuality. Tony O'Clery enjoys fantasizing about his opponents being "gay pedophile groupies" and enjoys fantasizing about news stories after embellishing them with acts of pedophilia, masturbation and murder.

These are the types of defamers that comprise the Anti-Sai Movement and are trying to "expose" Sathya Sai Baba. Is it of any wonder why I don't find Ex-Devotees even remotely credible?

- Information Page About Anthony 'Tony' O'Clery
- Tony O'Clery's Reckless Defamations Continue
- Tony O'Clery Defames Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
- Tony O'Clery Caught Posting As 'Sucked By Baba'
- 'Westminster Time Files' Book By Tony O'Clery

Referenced From:

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tony O'Clery's Reckless Defamations Continue

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

Following several scathing exposures about Anthony Tony O'Clery's very disturbing online behavior and shocking defamations, he continues to viciously, erroneously and defiantly defame others without proof. This is the guy who is trying to "expose" Sathya Sai Baba and who attempts to deceive others into thinking that he is dedicated to the truth and morality.

After publishing my article about Tony O'Clery's Vandalism On Wikipedia, he made the following comments on the SSB Yahoo Group and the QuickTopic forum:
Are these extreme pro sbs pedophiles?
It seems to me that the pro sai activistd defend too much. Is it
because they themselves belong to gay pedophile rings? (Reference)

Is the real reason pro sb activists are so vituperative because they are gay pedophiles like sb.? (Reference)

There is a strange connection between simon defending pedophilia and the actions of simom joe and lisa, they all seem to be gay but are they more? (Reference)

With regard to the 3 amigos of the gay-pedophile-groupie club.
One of the greatest problems that pedophiles like sb and his ring have is self-delusion. Like the ancient greek hoplites they think that pedophilia is just like being gay and that one day it will be recognised as a normal human interaction instead of Ahimsa. This is why the supports of sb in the gay-pedophile-groupie club, namely joe, simon and lisa are so vehement for they are on a crusade and are locked in physically, psychologically and sexually to the concept. (Reference)

joe lisa and simon answer a question.
As founder members of the gay-pedophile-goupie club, I need a question answered, from joe lisa and simon. Do members of the club do anal intercourse and fellation like sai baba? Do female members do cunnilingus and use dildos?

This is a puzzling question, perhaps you sai devotees can answer it for from your own and sb's experience... (Reference)

sb and prashant nilayam have enlisted a gay pedophile groupie club
It is obvious that perhaps not only jose geraldo moreno is being financially retained but lisa and simon as well. If they are not then joe and sb are conning them. However it is interesting how the world of gay pedophiles is coming to the defence of sb. (Reference)

Hi got into the hotel internet cafe
I have a question did nirmal at the brothel in prashanti nilayam get a hold of joe or simon yet about their unpaid bills, and the death of devadatta?...S. (Reference)

Brothel owner trying to contact simon and joe.
Just got this from offshore.
Devadatta's mother wants to contact simon and joe. Namaste, I hear Nirmal, the prashanti nilayam brothel Madam, is quoted as saying that poor little Devadatta's mother is looking for Simon and Joe. He had said they were the nicest clients to him notwithstanding the disgusting things they made him do. His mother wants to know why he died, who stole his organs and why Joe didn't pay his brothel bill, causing the sequence of events. She said that she wants to thank simon for giving Devadatta dope to kill the pain of his existence.......... (Reference)

That's right, Tony O'Clery is questioning if Pro-Sai Activists, Lisa, Simon and I belong to "gay pedophile rings", are "gay", are "gay pedophiles", are "3 amigos of the gay-pedophile-groupie club" and that we are being "financially retained"! O'Clery also defamed India's President as being "in all liklehood a gay pedophile like his guru".

Tony O'Clery makes the case for me that Anti-Sai Activists are a bunch of liars, defamers and vindictive people who bitterly resort to lies, deceit and dishonesty because the truth simply does not argue in their favor. Where are all the moral and truthful Anti-Sai Activists taking a stand against Tony O'Clery's defamations against others? They silently endorse and approve his comments (which is evidenced by their silence and continued support of Tony O'Clery).

The truth about Anti-Sai Activists is now out and there is no stopping it.

Further reading about O'Clery:

- Tony O'Clery Caught Posting As 'Sucked By Baba'
- Bogus 'Westminster Time Files' Book Review
- Tony O'Clery Defames India's President
- 'Westminster Time Files' Book By Tony O'Clery
- Tony O'Clery - Vandalism On Wikipedia

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tony O'Clery Vandalism On Wikipedia

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

Vandalism On The Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Page Traced To An Ex-Devotee Of The Indian Guru

In recent years, Wikipedia has been facing increasing criticism about the inaccuracy of their articles and the systemic problem of vandalism, bias, pov-pushing and blatant defamatory content that is left in place for days, weeks and even months at a time without being corrected. Recently, Wikipedia has come under severe criticism for libelous comments posted against Fuzzy Zoeller and blatant disinformation that Sinbad had died of a heart attack (he did not).

For years now, the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article has been controlled, influenced and edited by Anti-Sai Activists with disinformation, vandalism, bias, pov-pushing and blatant defamatory content. Just recently Anthony Tony O'Clery (an ex-Sai-devotee) vandalized the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article and was apparently unaware that his IP was recorded along with his defamatory edits.

Tony O'Clery uses the name Aoclery on Wikipedia. When he forgot to log-in to Wikipedia, his IPs show that he purposely edited various articles incognito. The following IPs all resolve to Delta Cable Communications Ltd., Vancouver British Columbia, Canada - but appear different because the last few numbers are static:

These IPs can also be seen on Tony O'Clery's posts on the SSB2 Yahoo Group (where Tony posts his propaganda and rhetoric against Sai Baba).

The following underlined sections are Tony's libelous and defamatory additions on the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article:

Anthony Tony O'Clery Changed:
Sathya Sai Baba claims that his darshan has spiritual benefits, which is a common belief among Hindus regarding saints and gurus.

To →
Sathya Sai Baba claims that his darshan has spiritual benefits, which is a common belief among Hindus regarding saints and gurus. He also admits to pedophilia but says that as he is God they are paying off their karma quickly. (Reference)

Anthony Tony O'Clery Changed (again):
Sathya Sai Baba claims that his darshan has spiritual benefits, which is a common belief among Hindus regarding saints and gurus.

To →
Sathya Sai Baba claims that his darshan has spiritual benefits, which is a common belief among Hindus regarding saints and gurus. He also admits to pedophilia but says that as he is God they are paying off their karma quickly. (Reference)

Anthony Tony O'Clery Changed:
These devotees and ex-devotees also claimed that they witnessed Sathya Sai Baba materialize many substances from his hand such as vibuthi, lost objects, statues, photographs, Indian pastries (both hot and cold), food (hot, cold, solid and fluid), out of season fruits, new banknotes, pendants, necklaces, watches and rings.

To →
These devotees and ex-devotees also claimed that they witnessed Sathya Sai Baba materialize many substances from his hand such as vibuthi, he also says his pedophilia is good for they pay the karma off quicker as he is god,lost objects, statues, photographs, Indian pastries (both hot and cold), food (hot, cold, solid and fluid), out of season fruits, new banknotes, pendants, necklaces, watches and rings. (Reference)

Anthony Tony O'Clery Erroneous Comment:
This of course could also be a result of the notoriously inefficient and corrupt justice system in India, which is widely complained about by the populace. Also until recently sai baba paid the wages and expenses of the local police detachment, which is knowledge in the public domain. So it is highly unlikely that any charges would be brought against sai baba in India. However it would be a different case if he came to the West. However he has broken every spoken and written promise that he would travel in the West. (Reference)

Tony O'Clery also added the following comments on the Benjamin Creme Wikipedia article:
He also says it is true that sai baba is a pedophile but that he is paying off people's karma quicker, by assaulting them as he is God. (Reference)

He also says it is true that sai baba is a pedophile but that he is paying off people's karma quicker, by assaulting them as he is God, according to top officials in the sai org. (Reference)

Tony O'Clery and Barry Pittard have recently renewed their smear campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba with extra venom and fanatic fervor. The following articles are very disturbing examples of Tony O'Clery's shameless defamations and reprehensible behavior:

- Tony O'Clery Caught Posting As 'Sucked By Baba'
- Bogus 'Westminster Time Files' Book Review
- Tony O'Clery Defames India's President
- The Bogus Psychic Reading By Tony O'Clery
- 'Westminster Time Files' Book By Tony O'Clery

As Glen Meloy used to say: "Jai! Jai! Exposé!

O'Clery Admitted Vandalizing The Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article

After publishing this article exposing Tony O'Clery and his vandalism on Wikipedia, he admitted he made the edits in question and that the relevant IPs are his. O'Clery said:
Yes I change the sb article on wikipedia and every othe article in the site that refers to sb. I just put down the sai org excuses that is all. (Reference)

O'Clery just trapped himself in more lies. First of all, the defamatory comments were attributed to Sathya Sai Baba, not the Sai Org. Secondly, neither Sathya Sai Baba or the Sai Org have ever condoned "pedophilia being good" and that Baba is "burning karma", etc. More lies from Anti-Sai's.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tony O'Clery "Sucked By Baba"

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia


It should come as no surprise that the psychologically unstable defamer of Sathya Sai Baba, Tony O'Clery, has been caught with his pants down posting as "sucked by baba". Not only does this reinforce the perception that Tony O'Clery is a pathological liar, it also reinforces the perception that Tony O'Clery is defaming Sathya Sai Baba under multiple fake names.

On the Quicktopic forum, there is an option to receive email notifications whenever anyone posts a message on a selected board. I have chosen to receive email notifications from the board 29/H/FE68KidtskS. Tony O'Clery has been frequently posting messages (spam) on this board.

"Sucked By Baba" anonymously posted message 2733, which said:
"Posting das instead of dass just means the poster knows the right spelling that's all."

I received the post above as an email notification. "Sucked By Baba" promptly deleted his post at 5:00 PM ET US.

One minute after "Sucked By Baba" deleted his post (at 5:01 PM ET US), Tony O'Clery posted message 2734 that said:
"writing das instead of dass just means the writer knows the correct spelling that's all, it says nothing about anything else."

Tony O'Clery thought he could delete his post and cover-up the fact that he was posting under the defamatory pseudonym "sucked by baba"! Tony O'Clery is such a miserable and pathetic liar it is unbelievable!

Despite Tony O'Clery's numerous rants about spirituality, ahimsa, Buddhism, Ramana Maharshi, non-daulity, etc., he is throwing over-emotional hissy fits like a bratty child or pre-pubescent teenager. As a matter of fact, Tony has been using words and terms like:
  • "compulsive jerk"

  • "egotistical twot"

  • "shithead"

  • "fuckwit"

  • "demented shit"

Refs: 01 - 02 - 03

Anti-Sai Activists end up exposing themselves as liars, deceivers, defamers and much worse. As one can see, Tony O'Clery is no exception to the rule.

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Bogus 'Westminster Time Files' Book Review

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

Bogus 'Westminster Time Files' Book Review By 'Narayan Das'

Tony O'Clery (apparently desperate for a book review) created a fake book review under the fake name "Narayan Das". The bogus book review that was published on Tony O'Clery's website is as follows:

On the more positive side. The author takes contemporary fantasy and myth and moulds them into something new and enchanting. The Westminster Time Files, does, in every regard, do that. Each character you meet is surprisingly complex while surprisingly ordinary at the same time. Identifying with the characters is surprisingly simple and rewarding.

Tony O'Clery has written this book with inspiring visual images. The mind's eye follows the pages into a fantastic world that one can smell, feel and touch. This book is very much a character driven story and the main character of the story is brave and full of empathy, combined with a true humanity.

Every last part of this book is coloured, and I found myself engrossed in how quickly it turned from an adventure story to a real page-turner. The 'Files' still maintains the surreal qualities that make any true adventure through strange and foreign lands extraordinarily well. Tony has taken the most basic concepts of adventure, fantasy and myth and redesigned them in a unique way. He has succeeded in creating a complex storyline, with complex characters, and organized it into an engrossing and compelling 'can't put down the book', sci-fi adventure....Narayan Das.

Under the IP and name of 'Narayana Das', Tony O'Clery made several sexually-focused vulgarities, defamatory comments and ruthless insults against others. See for yourself:
Hey Joe, Do you remember when you and simon and I went up to ooty for the sb orgy? It was so great with the sai trust queers as well. We were all in a great daisy-chain and the homosexual fellatio sex with sb was great. Simon helped a lot by showing us all how to make hash oil and the best way to smoke a bong. I must say the show you put on with simon and sb was fantastic; I've never seen such a sex show looked like a Hindu God with six arms and legs, definately the beast with three backs...........Its great being a gay isn't it? I draw the line about going down to the dormitory with you and simon to molest the students though.....N. May be I should put this on a blog, as there will be a continuation of posts (Reference).

Dil-Do Dinah on Lisa. Hi there, Since I exposed simon and joe for what they really are, I have rec'd some email from a lesbian girl that has fallen out with Lisa. She said she will be sending me some revelations about her failed relationship with lisa and others in lisa's coven.............N (Reference)

Hi guys, I will be returning to the Caribbean soon, however I will keep in touch from time to time. I have to use the internet cafes....N. p.s. I'm not Tony I'm Narayan and Tony doesn't live in the Caribbean (Reference).

dil-do dinah says lisa into sado-masochism. Hi there, dil-do dinah has written to me giving the reasons she ended her relationship with lisa. It was due to sado masochism during the sex act. I wouldn't repeat all she emailed me as it is too far out and disgusting. Let be said that it was over lisa's insistance on using a massive dil-do that cause excruciating pain during sex, and the chanting of sai baba, sai baba, the lord is sai baba, during it made it all worse.........N (Reference).

Devadatta's mother wants to contact simon and joe. Namaste, I hear Nirmal, the brothel Madam, is quoted as saying that poor little Devadatta's mother is looking for Simon and Joe. He had said they were the nicest clients to him notwithstanding the disgusting things they made him do. His mother wants to know why he died, who stole his organs and why Joe didn't pay his brothel bill, causing the sequence of events. She said that she wants to thank simon for giving Devadatta dope to kill the pain of his existence..........Narayan. p.s. I am not Tony as you will find out when you soon check my IP from the caribbean. (Reference).

HIV scare at PN-Simon and Joe get checked. Hi there, A scare about HIV at pn was issued recently. They believe the infection may have started in the pedophile brothel as the other hetero brothels are clear. So simon and joe go and get checked immediately in case you are spreading hiv amongst children...N (Reference).

are simon and joe spreading hiv to little boys? Hi there, simon and joe go and get checked, you may have picked up hiv at nirmal's boy brothel.........N (Reference).

dil-do dinah says lisa molested her daughter. Hi there, I wasn't going to post this but now it is necessary. Dinah told me the final reason for breaking up with lisa was because lisa molested her nine year old daughter....N (Reference).

gita caught animal HIV is pn bestiality brothel. Hey there, Just in from pn. Gita sick with aids, has to crap in a golden bucket for perverted sex practises of sb's politician and judge friends. Most of the animals used for bestiality are blessed by sb first so they give good sex to his den of vice is constantly reaching new lows of depravity, first a pedophile brothel, now if that isn't bad enough but bestiality as well?.........Narayan. (Reference).

Narayan here not Tony, same IP, and ID wireless, in guest house. Hey there, Sort things out yet? I will be back in Cuba soon,so you won't be able to correspond with me so much.hehehehe. Did you get your HIV test, I was serious about that pedophile brothel infection in pn..N (Reference).

The only multiple-personality willing to speak favorably about O'Clery's book is a potty-mouthed defamer who likes to accuse others of being molestors, being into bestiality, being HIV-infected, engaging in orgies and laughing at it all!

Poor Tony! This time he has gone overboard. He even spammed his book, name and geocities website on Wikipedia (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04). Tsk, tsk.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sathya Sai Baba

New Blog: Sathya Sai Baba On Wordpress

A comprehensive blog with listings to various articles pertaining to Sathya Sai Baba and the Sai Controversy.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tony O'Clery Defames India's President

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

Ex-Sai-Devotee Defames India's President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

In a shocking display of hatred and vindictiveness, the former devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, Anthony "Tony" O'Clery, publicly defamed India's President (Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam) as possible being a "gay pedophile" on a QuickTopic forum.

On February 22nd 2007, Tony O'Clery duplicated an article from Sanal Edamaruku (an Indian rationalist, atheist and critic of Sathya Sai Baba) on the QuickTopic forum, for which he gave the title "INDIA'S PRESIDENT IS IN ALL LIKLEHOOD A GAY PEDOPHILE LIKE HIS GURU" (Reference).

Sai Baba proponents have pointed out that these types of gutter accusations are typical among ex-followers, who similarly accuse Sai Baba of being a "gay pedophile" without proof. Gerald Moreno (webmaster for the website) queried that if ex-devotees loosely, deliberately and willfully malign India's President without proof, what does this say about the integrity of their claims against Sai Baba?

Ex-Devotees of Sathya Sai Baba should publicly apologize for these vicious defamations against India's President and should publicly censure Tony O'Clery.
"It's about time the general public see what kind of people are waging these vicious smear and hate campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba. All along, people have been misled about the allegations against Baba. It is all based on heresay, rumor, gossip, second-hand stories and contradictory online 'testimonies'. Sathya Sai Baba has never been charged with any crime, sexual or otherwise. As a matter of fact, not even one alleged victim has even tried to file a court case or basic police complaint against Sai Baba in India first-hand", Moreno said.


Tony O'Clery
- Information About Anthony Tony O'Clery
- O'Clery's Psychic Claims
- Tony O'Clery's Demon-Trances
- O'Clery Hears Voices In His Head And Sees Dead People

Other Defamers Of Sathya Sai Baba
- Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
- Barbara Dent Walton
- "UsedByBaba" aka "AbusedFor15Years"

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Photographic Evidence" Conspiracy Theory

“Photographic Evidence” Conspiracy Theory Against Sathya Sai Baba

Beginning in the year 2002, several Ex-Devotees (specifically Sanjay Dadlani, Tony O'Clery and Robert Priddy) erroneously and falsely claimed that there is “photographic evidence” in existence of Sathya Sai Baba allegedly engaged in sexual acts.

The so-called “photographic evidence” rumor was originally started by a guru-wannabee named Sekharji (real name “Chandrasekhar Balasubramanian”) who carefully primps his hair and wears an orange gown to make himself look like Sathya Sai Baba (click thumbnail to enlarge):

The Sai Guru Wannabee: "Sekharji"

Sekharji sent the following post to Ex-Devotees:
Sekharji: “Today, there are so many Extortionists, that SSB is letting most of them go on telling stories without the reward for silence. It seems that the money supply is now getting low. So now, there are a whole lot of exDevotees attacking each Other to achieve the status as being the last One standing for SSB to deal with. There are even Imposters planted to help confuse and frighten the whistleblowers. I enforce My claim for the previous statements to You in the following way.

here is a Swamiji named ‘Kaleshwara’ somewhere near Banglore. He was a young Boy when SSB molested Him. He, however, brought a camera and took pictures of the activites without SSB knowing. Later, He extorted SSB and got $1 million dollars to start His own ashram. Go to Him in Banglore, and privately ask. He is quite open and honest about the whole matter. He may still even show You the pictures as He did to many Others.

Sekharji - 06-28-2002 08:43 PM ET (US)

There are several profound problems with Sekharji’s claims:

  • First of all, Swami Kaleshwar has never lived “somewhere near Bangalore” and his ashram is not in Bangalore, Karnataka. Kaleshwar’s ashram is in Penukonda, Andhra Pradesh (250kms away from Bangalore and in another state). Therefore, Sekharji’s information about Swami Kaleshwar is wholly incorrect and is therefore highly suspect.

  • Secondly, Sekharji never said that he saw the alleged pictures himself, first-hand. Sekharji simply repeated a rumor and gossip he allegedly heard.

  • Lastly, why would Kaleshwar publicly admit that he blackmailed and extorted $1 million from Sathya Sai Baba when extortion and blackmail are illegal and criminal acts punishable with incarceration and/or hefty fines?

How can anyone believe anything Sekharji (a Sathya Sai competitor) has to say when he disseminated total disinformation about Kaleshwar?

As if Sekharji’s claims were not ridiculous enough, Robert Priddy (an Ex-Devotee) actually had the audacity to say (click thumbnail to enlarge):
Robert Priddy: “I have ascertained that both prints and a negative of this former student engaged in oral sex with Sathya Sai Baba are extant and will eventually be made public in the appropriate legal setting.”

Why should Robert Priddy wait for a legal setting? Why not anonymously send the alleged pictures to the Indian Media or publish them anonymously on YouTube as has been done with Swami Nithyananda? What faster way to bring down Sathya Sai Baba than by publishing the alleged photos? One video of Swami Nithyananda engaged in questionable behavior was enough to bring him down completely. What are Ex-Devotees waiting for?

Robert Priddy himself claimed that he personally “ascertained that both prints and a negative of this former student engaged in oral sex with Sathya Sai Baba are extant”. Robert Priddy is a pathological liar of the worst order and is a total fraud adept in peddling rumors and gossips as the “irrefutable truth”. Robert Priddy never saw the alleged pictures and therefore never “ascertained” anything.

Whenever anyone demands evidence or proof from Robert Priddy, he flares his nostrils, reddens his cheeks, bulges his eyeballs and shrieks shrilly at the top of his voice “confidentiality”, “in a legal setting”, “only to bona fide investigators”, etc. However, when it comes to Sai Devotees or Pro-Sai Activists, Robert Priddy demands evidence, proof and explanations from them that can never meet his expectations.

Ex-Devotees had every opportunity (and still do) to give the alleged pictures to the BBC and/or various other journalists sympathetic with their cause. To Date: No one has EVER done so. Why not? Because the “$1 Million Picture Extortion” story is $1 million fraud. That’s why.

It is also amusing to note how Robert Priddy referred to Swami Kaleshwar as a “former student”. Swami Kaleshwar was never a former student at Sathya Sai Baba’s Colleges and Robert Priddy cannot provide a scintilla of credible evidence to the contrary.

Sanjay Dadlani & Tony O’Clery Weigh In:
Sanjay Dadlani: I’ve noticed that you pro-SB people are in complete denial of the fact that we have photographic evidence of SB molesting a child. Oh well, so be it. :-)
Sanjay Dadlani: We even have photographic proof of his sexual molestation, which is red-hot proof that he is a sex abuser.
Sanjay Dadlani: There is photographic proof of Sai baba performing oral sex on an ex-student. I don't know if it is Sai Baba who is the giver or the receiver, but oral sex is definitely involved in this photogrpahic evidence. When it finally becomes available, I wonder how the braindead devotees will react to it?
Tony O’Clery: There is some kind of a photo...
Tony O’Clery: Namaste, The photo exists. It was taken long before the easy internet photo editing, so I don't know the forensics of it. I have talked to Premanand about this, and indicated to him that it wouldn't be available for his law suit due to the ever present danger to the owner. This is what I understand........Tony
Tony O’Clery: HOWEVER I KNOW FOR SURE THAT A CERTAIN PERSON HAS PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE OF SB MOLESTING!! He is at present too scared to release it for it would mean an certain death sentence and he lives in India, the prashanti goons would get him for sure, as they have so many others.
Tony O’Clery: Namaste, You know cameras can be coin size now with wide lenses. I don't know the exact format used but the photos or whatever do exist, believe me and have done for a couple of years. They will come out eventually, now it is too dangerous for the boy he and his parents would be murdered by sb's goons from the prashanti mafia, or the pn police......Tony.

(QuickTopic Forum, post 1728)
Tony O’Clery: Namaste, I have it on good authority that there is a photo of sb molesting a boy. However the parents are still devotees and the boy is frightened for his life if his name is revealed. His name has been passed on to a safe place in case he is murdered by sb or his gang of goons...Tony.

Notice how Robert Priddy, Sanjay Dadlani and Tony O’Clery cannot keep their stories straight and consistent? The alleged “victim” is changed from Swami Kaleshwar to an anonymous “former student” by Robert Priddy. The anonymous “former student” is then changed to an anonymous “child” by Sanjay Dadlani. The anonymous “child” is then changed to an anonymous “boy” whose parents are still Sai Devotees by Tony O’Clery. Notice how Swami Kaleshwar is completely filtered out of the story and he is replaced with an anonymous former student / child / boy whose story must be guarded out of safety concerns and confidentiality. What a bunch of rubbish!

Sanjay Dadlani first claimed that Anti-Sai Activists are in actual possession of the pictures. Then Sanjay Dadlani claimed that he did not know who was the “giver or the receiver” in the pictures (meaning he and other ex-devotees never saw them)!

Similarly, Tony O’Clery has never (admittedly) seen the alleged “photographic evidence” for himself. Tony O’Clery is simply perpetuating unverifiable rumors and gossips. Tony O’Clery has no information whatsoever about the alleged picture(s) and said that there is “some kind of photo” in existence. How’s that for objective? Tony O’Clery also alleged that the picture was “taken long before the easy internet photo editing”. This simply is untrue. Photo fraud has a long history that can be traced back prior to Sathya Sai Baba’s birth. For example, the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Cottingley Fairies case of photographic fraud going back to the early 1920’s.

This is the type of typical sleaze that Ex-Devotee’s peddle and perpetuate against Sathya Sai Baba.

Objective & Verifiable Information About Swami Kaleshwar

Paula Gloria released some YouTube videos of Swami Kaleshwar in which a full-sized picture of Sathya Sai Baba could clearly be seen in Kaleshwar’s ashram in Penukonda (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03). Seeing is believing:

Swami Kaleshwar With A Garlanded Photo Of Sathya Sai Baba In His Mandir, Next To A Photo Of Shirdi Sai Baba And Himself

As one can see, Swami Kaleshwar has a garlanded photo of Sathya Sai Baba in his ashram. Why would an alleged sexual molestation victim keep a photo of his sexual abuser in his ashram and put flower garlands on it? Once again, another Anti-Sai rumor bites the dust.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Barbara Dent And Tony O'Clery

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

Barbara Dent (the Christian Whacko attacking Sathya Sai Baba), has become "buddy buddy" with Tony O'Clery and Sanjay Dadlani. Both Tony and Sanjay are completely deaf and mute to Barbara's psycho-babble, racism and past-life mumbo-jumbo.

Not only has Barbara Dent recently claimed that the Nazi's were aliens, she also claimed that she recalled past lives in World War II in which I was allegedly a "Jew Killer" and a "Nazi". Barabara is also racist against black people. Barbara Dent-Walton said on the QuickTopic forum:
"Do us all a favor. I told you I get even with you for the murder of so many countless Jews. You live wierdly on but for a short time. Good luck, pig and black asshole, damned Jew killer...Remember Sanjay Dhalani? He owned and operated a newpaper run by us Jews during your favorite war. We all typed and wrote nice things about your black evil Nazi ass back then too, just as we do once again in these most recent of times. Hee-hee...I like to niggle you, funky nigger...Pardon the pun, dark one. Thanks for all the helpful infor you are delivering to us, Nazi drone! I knew we'd get you to confess you still are a German queer, who is still the same demon German Nazi queer. And by the way, queer Nazi, how come both Tony and I remember you as such? Bet Tony remembers your butchering ass from a place called Dacqua or something. South of Germany, you say. Probably your father killed you during the war. If not, he'll get you in this lifetime, you murdering fool."

Barbara Dent also claims that she channels Mother Mary. I guess Barbara feel a rapport with Tony since he claims that he and his family are all psychics. As I said many times before. These are the Anti-Sai nuts who are boasting about "exposing" Satya Sai Baba.

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Monday, January 29, 2007


Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

Tony O'Clery has begun to promote his "" website (which was created to solicit a fictitious novel of his) on Sai-Related forums and boards. This fictitious novel is about (YAWN):
"Tom Fell and his friend Mike are given a tape and 'memory stick' by an 'Old Mystic', who is accompanied by a small dog. These files contain the minutes of a meeting by the ‘Power Elite’, in Westminster Palace. This information is dangerous, causing Mike, Tom and Melissa, to flee with agents in fast pursuit. With help from ‘Anti-Globalists’, they run from Australia, South Pacific and India to Mexico. In the Yucatan they meet a Shaman and experience trips in a ‘TIME TRAVEL VEHICLE AND UFOS’, to the past and a prophetic future. The past he views, is related to the happenings in the present and will continue. He also finds out the real truth behind so many present leaders and false Gurus; Their origins and why they are here on the planet."

O'Clery provided a picture of small shi-tzu named "Jai-Jai". Strange enough, O'Clery attempted to give me a psychic reading about an alleged shi-tzu I owned (which was completely untrue). Read About It For Yourself. Talk about weird!

Domain Information For Westminster Time Files Website:
Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2006-12-22
Registration Date.... 2006-12-22
Expiry Date.......... 2008-12-22
Organisation Name.... Anthony T. O Clery
Organisation Address. 11754, 96 Ave,
Organisation Address. Delta
Organisation Address. V4C3W7
Organisation Address. BC
Organisation Address. CANADA
Admin Phone.........+1.604-585-6502

One of the reasons why O'Clery is soliciting his book on Sai-Related websites and forums is because he has publicly admitted that in a couple of chapters there is an "Evil guru in India who is a pedophile and a criminal and 'manifest' vibuthi. He turns out to be a reincarnated Rakshasa, and is very similar to another Baba we know of." Since O'Clery cannot make a factual case against Sathya Sai Baba, he is resorting to fiction (which he has always done in relation to Satya Sai Baba anyway).

Of course, the funniest things about all of this is that the author of "Westminster Time Files" book is a self-professed "psychic" who enters demon trances and hears voices in his head.

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