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Monday, February 04, 2008

Tony O'Clery - A Bitter Old Man

It appears that after GuruRatings Sarlo slapped Anthony Tony O’Clery with a temp ban, he went psycho and started spamming various individuals with hateful emails (a known and typical tactic of his).

The following three posts from the GuruRatings Yahoo Group are just more proof that Tony O’Clery (aka aoclery) is spiraling out-of-control (please note that the referenced links to the GuruRatings Yahoo Group require a membership):

GuruRatings Post # 01:
“Yeah Tony sent me all that shit too.

It is old and tired and irrelevant to ANY thingy we are about on GR.

I say if Tony won't take down those Ancient History sites and join the Real nondual world, then I say, BAN him Absolutely (no reading rights either, if that's possible) from GR until he does.

TonyO, for all his Via Para-Advaita Negativa, he SURE is carrying an entire SHITLOAD of Heavy Duty Hate and Ill-Will.

Not a good segue into the next incarnation.

No Anti-Sai site takedown, No TonyO.

Categorically, Non-Negotiably.

Tony's about a TRULY nondual as my wife's asshole, I mean MY asshole, whatever.

Gay and Bi-Guru Gary Straights Accepted too, with note from therapist or spiritual counselor.”


GuruRatings Post # 02:
“Yes, I did research into this once and it is true, Sai goes out of his way to be kind

I don't understand the fuel behind TonyOc's hate.

Yes, I double that. I got 2 e-mails form Tony in privi after Sais' Birthday saga what was the same old hate flame nonsense..”


GuruRatings Post # 03:
A screen-cap to another post (Reference):


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