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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bogus 'Westminster Time Files' Book Review

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

Bogus 'Westminster Time Files' Book Review By 'Narayan Das'

Tony O'Clery (apparently desperate for a book review) created a fake book review under the fake name "Narayan Das". The bogus book review that was published on Tony O'Clery's website is as follows:

On the more positive side. The author takes contemporary fantasy and myth and moulds them into something new and enchanting. The Westminster Time Files, does, in every regard, do that. Each character you meet is surprisingly complex while surprisingly ordinary at the same time. Identifying with the characters is surprisingly simple and rewarding.

Tony O'Clery has written this book with inspiring visual images. The mind's eye follows the pages into a fantastic world that one can smell, feel and touch. This book is very much a character driven story and the main character of the story is brave and full of empathy, combined with a true humanity.

Every last part of this book is coloured, and I found myself engrossed in how quickly it turned from an adventure story to a real page-turner. The 'Files' still maintains the surreal qualities that make any true adventure through strange and foreign lands extraordinarily well. Tony has taken the most basic concepts of adventure, fantasy and myth and redesigned them in a unique way. He has succeeded in creating a complex storyline, with complex characters, and organized it into an engrossing and compelling 'can't put down the book', sci-fi adventure....Narayan Das.

Under the IP and name of 'Narayana Das', Tony O'Clery made several sexually-focused vulgarities, defamatory comments and ruthless insults against others. See for yourself:
Hey Joe, Do you remember when you and simon and I went up to ooty for the sb orgy? It was so great with the sai trust queers as well. We were all in a great daisy-chain and the homosexual fellatio sex with sb was great. Simon helped a lot by showing us all how to make hash oil and the best way to smoke a bong. I must say the show you put on with simon and sb was fantastic; I've never seen such a sex show looked like a Hindu God with six arms and legs, definately the beast with three backs...........Its great being a gay isn't it? I draw the line about going down to the dormitory with you and simon to molest the students though.....N. May be I should put this on a blog, as there will be a continuation of posts (Reference).

Dil-Do Dinah on Lisa. Hi there, Since I exposed simon and joe for what they really are, I have rec'd some email from a lesbian girl that has fallen out with Lisa. She said she will be sending me some revelations about her failed relationship with lisa and others in lisa's coven.............N (Reference)

Hi guys, I will be returning to the Caribbean soon, however I will keep in touch from time to time. I have to use the internet cafes....N. p.s. I'm not Tony I'm Narayan and Tony doesn't live in the Caribbean (Reference).

dil-do dinah says lisa into sado-masochism. Hi there, dil-do dinah has written to me giving the reasons she ended her relationship with lisa. It was due to sado masochism during the sex act. I wouldn't repeat all she emailed me as it is too far out and disgusting. Let be said that it was over lisa's insistance on using a massive dil-do that cause excruciating pain during sex, and the chanting of sai baba, sai baba, the lord is sai baba, during it made it all worse.........N (Reference).

Devadatta's mother wants to contact simon and joe. Namaste, I hear Nirmal, the brothel Madam, is quoted as saying that poor little Devadatta's mother is looking for Simon and Joe. He had said they were the nicest clients to him notwithstanding the disgusting things they made him do. His mother wants to know why he died, who stole his organs and why Joe didn't pay his brothel bill, causing the sequence of events. She said that she wants to thank simon for giving Devadatta dope to kill the pain of his existence..........Narayan. p.s. I am not Tony as you will find out when you soon check my IP from the caribbean. (Reference).

HIV scare at PN-Simon and Joe get checked. Hi there, A scare about HIV at pn was issued recently. They believe the infection may have started in the pedophile brothel as the other hetero brothels are clear. So simon and joe go and get checked immediately in case you are spreading hiv amongst children...N (Reference).

are simon and joe spreading hiv to little boys? Hi there, simon and joe go and get checked, you may have picked up hiv at nirmal's boy brothel.........N (Reference).

dil-do dinah says lisa molested her daughter. Hi there, I wasn't going to post this but now it is necessary. Dinah told me the final reason for breaking up with lisa was because lisa molested her nine year old daughter....N (Reference).

gita caught animal HIV is pn bestiality brothel. Hey there, Just in from pn. Gita sick with aids, has to crap in a golden bucket for perverted sex practises of sb's politician and judge friends. Most of the animals used for bestiality are blessed by sb first so they give good sex to his den of vice is constantly reaching new lows of depravity, first a pedophile brothel, now if that isn't bad enough but bestiality as well?.........Narayan. (Reference).

Narayan here not Tony, same IP, and ID wireless, in guest house. Hey there, Sort things out yet? I will be back in Cuba soon,so you won't be able to correspond with me so much.hehehehe. Did you get your HIV test, I was serious about that pedophile brothel infection in pn..N (Reference).

The only multiple-personality willing to speak favorably about O'Clery's book is a potty-mouthed defamer who likes to accuse others of being molestors, being into bestiality, being HIV-infected, engaging in orgies and laughing at it all!

Poor Tony! This time he has gone overboard. He even spammed his book, name and geocities website on Wikipedia (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04). Tsk, tsk.

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