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Monday, July 24, 2006

O'Clery's Demon Trances

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

Believe it or not, Tony O'Clery believes that he can give people the names to demons that are oppressing them!

Here are some gems from O'Clery:
Namaste, I still have the names of the two ancient demons that are oppressing Lisa on behalf of sb. Their names begin with an e.......ONS...Tony (Reference)

Lucky I wrote them down when I was told about them for I never remember readings as they are not in my personal memory......Tony (Reference)

Namaste, They keep your mind in a fog of delusion, they make you think you are seeing, hearing, experiencing sb. They take his form in dreams and visit you. They are planning a place for you on the astral as a captive spirit and slave of sb........ONS...Tony (Reference)

Namaste, None of this went through a legitimate court. By the way those two demonic astral denizens that I said were oppressing you on behalf of sb. I still have their names if you want them......Tony (Reference)

Namaste, If I have told you once I've told you are 100 times, take your meds!! you are getting delusional and bipolar again......Tony. Watch out for those two spirits of sb's that are oppressing you, do you want their names yet? I still have them? (Reference)

Of course, this leaves Tony O'Clery looking very foolish and psychologically unstable. O'Clery claimed that he was able to divine the names to demons supposedly oppressing another person through "readings" not stored in his "personal memory" (because he was in some sort of trance)! lol Of course, this is the same guy who claims he can speak to dead people (as in the case of "Eilish"). The Anti-Sai Movement needs all the help it can get, even from a Ghost-Buster who divines demon-names and proclaims he can converse with dead people!

O'Clery is the kind of Anti-Sai whacko who is trying to take a rational and moral stance against Sathya Sai Baba. Laughable and lamentable!

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