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Monday, July 24, 2006

O'Clery's Multiple Personality Disorder

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

Anthony -Tony Balogna- O'Clery
Tony O'Clery normally posts under the yahoo name "aoclery". Nevertheless, O'Clery has not been able to suppress his multiple-personality disorder and deceptively attempted to post under the name "sivatayi_2000" and lied about it until he was caught in the act by me. Click Here to see how I caught O'Clery lying about using the name "sivatayi_2000". Even when confronted with proof about using the name "sivatayi_2000", O'Clery continued to lie and denied he made posts under that name. Compare the IP for sivatayi_2000 with the IP for aoclery. They are identical. Click Here too see a post where O'Clery messed up and accidentally posted his message under the fake name "sivatayi_2000" using his own name!

Just recently, O'Clery is once again attempting to deceive the gullible and naive into thinking that someone else in his household is posting under the name "saktidasa", allegedly named "Narayan". However, it is clear that Tony O'clery is lying about not being "saktidasa" (apparently, splitting off to another one of his multiple personalities).

To prove my point, O'Clery signed his own name (i.e., "Tony") to multiple submissions posted under the name "saktidasa" on his advaitajnana Yahoo Group (Refs: 01 - 02). Why would O'Clery sign his own name to messages allegedly written by "Narayan" (i.e., "Saktidasa") if he is not "Saktidasa"? I am sure that O'Clery will resort to more of his psycho-babble to explain these significant errors. But to those of us who are aware of O'Clery's ceaseless pathological lying, his behavior is just more of the same old deceptive slop. It is also important to point out that Saktidasa also begins his posts with "Namaste" and resorts to O'Clery's typical usage of multiple periods: "......"

View the following two recent posts:
O'Clery: Source Code: IP:
Saktidasa: Source Code: IP:
The IPs are exactly the same. This means that O'Clery and Saktidasa are using the SAME ip resolving to the SAME internet service provider (Delta Cable Communications Ltd.) originating in the SAME city (Vancouver) in the SAME state (British Columbia) in the SAME country (Canada).

Now let us look at the sexually-focused vulgarities, defamatory comments and ruthless insults that O'Clery likes to post under the guise of fake names:
Hey Joe, Do you remember when you and simon and I went up to ooty for the sb orgy? It was so great with the sai trust queers as well. We were all in a great daisy-chain and the homosexual fellatio sex with sb was great. Simon helped a lot by showing us all how to make hash oil and the best way to smoke a bong. I must say the show you put on with simon and sb was fantastic; I've never seen such a sex show looked like a Hindu God with six arms and legs, definately the beast with three backs...........Its great being a gay isn't it? I draw the line about going down to the dormitory with you and simon to molest the students though.....N. May be I should put this on a blog, as there will be a continuation of posts (Reference).

Dil-Do Dinah on Lisa. Hi there, Since I exposed simon and joe for what they really are, I have rec'd some email from a lesbian girl that has fallen out with Lisa. She said she will be sending me some revelations about her failed relationship with lisa and others in lisa's coven.............N (Reference)

Hi guys, I will be returning to the Caribbean soon, however I will keep in touch from time to time. I have to use the internet cafes....N. p.s. I'm not Tony I'm Narayan and Tony doesn't live in the Caribbean (Reference).

dil-do dinah says lisa into sado-masochism. Hi there, dil-do dinah has written to me giving the reasons she ended her relationship with lisa. It was due to sado masochism during the sex act. I wouldn't repeat all she emailed me as it is too far out and disgusting. Let be said that it was over lisa's insistance on using a massive dil-do that cause excruciating pain during sex, and the chanting of sai baba, sai baba, the lord is sai baba, during it made it all worse.........N (Reference).

Devadatta's mother wants to contact simon and joe. Namaste, I hear Nirmal, the brothel Madam, is quoted as saying that poor little Devadatta's mother is looking for Simon and Joe. He had said they were the nicest clients to him notwithstanding the disgusting things they made him do. His mother wants to know why he died, who stole his organs and why Joe didn't pay his brothel bill, causing the sequence of events. She said that she wants to thank simon for giving Devadatta dope to kill the pain of his existence..........Narayan. p.s. I am not Tony as you will find out when you soon check my IP from the caribbean. (Reference).

HIV scare at PN-Simon and Joe get checked. Hi there, A scare about HIV at pn was issued recently. They believe the infection may have started in the pedophile brothel as the other hetero brothels are clear. So simon and joe go and get checked immediately in case you are spreading hiv amongst children...N (Reference).

are simon and joe spreading hiv to little boys? Hi there, simon and joe go and get checked, you may have picked up hiv at nirmal's boy brothel.........N (Reference).

dil-do dinah says lisa molested her daughter. Hi there, I wasn't going to post this but now it is necessary. Dinah told me the final reason for breaking up with lisa was because lisa molested her nine year old daughter....N (Reference).

gita caught animal HIV is pn bestiality brothel. Hey there, Just in from pn. Gita sick with aids, has to crap in a golden bucket for perverted sex practises of sb's politician and judge friends. Most of the animals used for bestiality are blessed by sb first so they give good sex to his den of vice is constantly reaching new lows of depravity, first a pedophile brothel, now if that isn't bad enough but bestiality as well?.........Narayan. (Reference).

Narayan here not Tony, same IP, and ID wireless, in guest house. Hey there, Sort things out yet? I will be back in Cuba soon,so you won't be able to correspond with me so much.hehehehe. Did you get your HIV test, I was serious about that pedophile brothel infection in pn..N (Reference).

Update: July 26th 2006
Conclusively Proving O'Clery Is "Saktidasa"
After doing more research, I discovered the following information that conclusively proves that O'Clery is "Saktidasa" (once again confirming that Tony Bologna O'Clery is a pathological liar with deeply rooted psychological problems):

On, Tony posted under the name "Saktidasa" and signed the posts with his own name (i.e., "Tony"): References 01 - 02 - 03 - 04. On the following posts, not only did Tony make these submissions under the name "Saktidasa", he also signed his name as "Saktidas/Tony": References 01 - 02. On the NondualitySalon Yahoo Group, "Saktidasa" posted there on August 13th 2005 (Reference) and his IP resolves to Tony's IP in Vancouver, British Columbia (meaning "Saktidasa" is not from the Caribbean). Other posts on the NondaualitySalon Yahoo Group, Tony posted as "Saktidasa", even signing the posts as "Saktidass/Tony": References: 01 - 02 - 03. As mentioned before, O'Clery signed his own name (i.e., "Tony") to multiple submissions posted under the name "saktidasa" on his own advaitajnana Yahoo Group (Refs: 01 - 02). As a matter of fact, Tony even admitted he was "Saktidasa" on the HarshaSatsangh Yahoo Group (Reference).

Now why would O'Clery sign his own name to multiple messages submitted by "Saktidasa" on Yahoo Groups on other public forums if he is not Saktidasa? Tony is a liar.

Update: July 27th 2006
Conclusively Proving O'Clery Is "Dingopl"
View the following two recent posts:
O'Clery: Source Code: IP:
Dingopl: Source Code: IP:
The IPs are exactly the same.

Tony Bologna O'Clery even signed his own name (i.e., "Tony") to posts submitted by Dingopl: References: 01 - 02 - 03.

One will also notice how many of these posts contain the exact same writing style with the exact same content that O'Clery is well known for prattling about. All of the posts either begin with "Namaste" "Hey there" or "Hi there", Prashanti Nilayam is referred to as "pn", references to "brothels", references to Sathya Sai Baba as "sb" and the signatures are usually preceded with a series of periods (examples: ".....Tony" or "......dingopl" or "......N" or ".....T"). Furthermore, all of these posts share the very same IP that O'Clery uses. O'Clery recently tried to explain away these facts by saying that multiple users are sharing his computer. Not only that, but he and these multiple users are also sharing their personal Yahoo Accounts! Since O'Clery contends that the "Saktidasa" and "Dingopl are not his names (which is a lie), this means that O'Clery is purposely using other's accounts to make posts on Yahoo Groups. Why O'Clery would feel a need to make posts under someone else's name is unknown, but clearly points to deception. Personally, I do not believe O'Clery as he is unbelievable. It is clear to me that all the names used by him trace back to him and his writing style. Apparently, Tony is running scared and making excuses to cover his tracks. Too late Tony!

In Conclusion...
As I have said before, Anthony Tony O'Clery is an Anti-Sai Clown who has been playing his Bozo role for so long, he has forgotten to remove his red-nose and costume. O'Clery thinks that since gullible Anti-Sai Activists have bought into his comedy routine that the general public will do likewise. Luckily, that is not the case. This is the guy who is trying to "expose" Sathya Sai Baba. Such being the case, it is of little wonder that the Anti-Sai Movement lost all of its perceived crediblity a very long time ago.

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