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Monday, January 29, 2007


Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

Tony O'Clery has begun to promote his "" website (which was created to solicit a fictitious novel of his) on Sai-Related forums and boards. This fictitious novel is about (YAWN):
"Tom Fell and his friend Mike are given a tape and 'memory stick' by an 'Old Mystic', who is accompanied by a small dog. These files contain the minutes of a meeting by the ‘Power Elite’, in Westminster Palace. This information is dangerous, causing Mike, Tom and Melissa, to flee with agents in fast pursuit. With help from ‘Anti-Globalists’, they run from Australia, South Pacific and India to Mexico. In the Yucatan they meet a Shaman and experience trips in a ‘TIME TRAVEL VEHICLE AND UFOS’, to the past and a prophetic future. The past he views, is related to the happenings in the present and will continue. He also finds out the real truth behind so many present leaders and false Gurus; Their origins and why they are here on the planet."

O'Clery provided a picture of small shi-tzu named "Jai-Jai". Strange enough, O'Clery attempted to give me a psychic reading about an alleged shi-tzu I owned (which was completely untrue). Read About It For Yourself. Talk about weird!

Domain Information For Westminster Time Files Website:
Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2006-12-22
Registration Date.... 2006-12-22
Expiry Date.......... 2008-12-22
Organisation Name.... Anthony T. O Clery
Organisation Address. 11754, 96 Ave,
Organisation Address. Delta
Organisation Address. V4C3W7
Organisation Address. BC
Organisation Address. CANADA
Admin Phone.........+1.604-585-6502

One of the reasons why O'Clery is soliciting his book on Sai-Related websites and forums is because he has publicly admitted that in a couple of chapters there is an "Evil guru in India who is a pedophile and a criminal and 'manifest' vibuthi. He turns out to be a reincarnated Rakshasa, and is very similar to another Baba we know of." Since O'Clery cannot make a factual case against Sathya Sai Baba, he is resorting to fiction (which he has always done in relation to Satya Sai Baba anyway).

Of course, the funniest things about all of this is that the author of "Westminster Time Files" book is a self-professed "psychic" who enters demon trances and hears voices in his head.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

On the QuickTopic forum, Tony O'Clery tried to flex his psychic muscle and ended up flexing his psycho muscles instead. Out of the blue, Tony Bologna O'Clery started the following discussion about an alleged "dog" I owned. Needless to say, this is news to me:

Aoclery Said:
1893 Tony O'Clery. 01-24-2007 02:46 PM ET (US)
Jose Geraldo Moreno ---mentiroso, (liar in spanish), has not been well for many years, not since he whispered the gayatri into the ear of his dying little shi-tzu God Bless him.

My Response:
1900 Joe108. 01-24-2007 07:39 PM ET (US)
Tony Bologna O'Clery, regarding /m1898, Angelic asked you that question. Not I. Try to get your facts right.

Regarding /m1893, Tony Bologna O'Clery said:
Jose Geraldo Moreno ---mentiroso, (liar in spanish), has not been well for many years, not since he whispered the gayatri into the ear of his dying little shi-tzu God Bless him.

Where did you get this information from, Tony? I never owned a shi-tzu and was never into chanting the Gayatri. I surmise you obtained this information from the voices in your head or from your demons trances.

Aoclery Said:
1908 Tony O'Clery. 01-25-2007 11:24 AM ET (US)
I could be wrong about the breed of dog..Tony.

My Response:
1915 Joe108. 01-26-2007 03:07 AM ET (US)
Tony, you are a weirdo. Where are you getting this information about a "dog"? Do tell us. Out with it.

Aoclery Said:
1920 Tony O'Clery. 01-26-2007 11:55 AM ET (US)
Ahhh pull the other one joe, you know what I said was the truth.

My Response:
1922 Joe108. 01-26-2007 12:10 PM ET (US)
Tony Bologna O'Clery is obviously suffering from some sort of denial.

Tony, next time you enter your demons trances, tell the voices in your head that I am severely allergic to cats and dogs since as long as I can remember. Apparently either you or someone in your psychic family is making stuff up and you blindly believe it, just like you blindly believe made-up stuff about Sathya Sai Baba.

Aoclery Said:
1924 Tony O'Clery. 01-26-2007 01:41 PM ET (US)
However he did have a non shedding dog for a while that didn't cause him a problem.

My Response:
1925 Joe108. 01-26-2007 02:55 PM ET (US)
Tony, get psychiatric help. You need it.

I never owned a dog, cat or any other animal. This is not only amusing, it is pathetic. You can be certain I will update my blog and website with it.

This is the Anti-Sai Clown who has the audacity to call me a "mentiroso" (liar in spanish). Tony O'Clery is an Anti-Sai weirdo who claims he enters demons trances, hears voices in his head and is psychic.

Tony attempted to give me a psychic reading about an alleged dog I never owned! Next, Tony will probably say he was referring to some forgotten stuffed-toy dog I had in my childhood or that he was simply trying to "get a rise" out of me, "stir me up" or "push buttons" for whatever sick reason he has.

This is the guy who is attempting to "expose" Sathya Sai Baba. As I have said many times before: "nutters".

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Psychics! Psychics! Psychics!

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

I found another very amusing article written by Tony O'Clery (aka "aoclery") about how all the members in his family are "psychic" in various ways. O'Clery said:

The family is quite psychic in different ways. My wife Jean is very sensitive and can feel and see "things". Her mother can see and converse with disincarnates at will, almost. Brigid has lucid dreams but is extremely sensitive to feeling and when someone is sick she knows about it, distance doesn't matter. Brigid also can see spirits and was the first to notice the previous dweller in our house, whose name she got. Tony is also psychic as well but he doesn't explore it, however like many in the family he can see auras and other phenomena. Stella was a late bloomer in this field but is quite sensitive

Nicole has been psychic for as long as I can remember. Even as a child she could see Auras and talk to animals, as could Brigid and Tony. She could also see spirits and Angels would visit her. As she has become older this gift seems to have stabilised into clairvoyance and clairaudience as well. She can read the Tarot very well and has healing hands and has always been able to do Reiki. It seems that she has giant spirits that protect her. At one time she was being oppressed by spirits bothering her, pulling her hair, pushing her and otherwise scaring and tormenting her. She went to a Pundit but he had no lasting effect. Eventually the spirits stopped bothering her and she became quite strong in the meantime. The giant spirits came some time later and Nicole says they are very tall and she tells me they are blue and wear what they call "priyapanda" headbands.(Lovebands.)Nicole doesn't speak Sanskrit so this word had to be translated.

A couple of examples of her work are her contact with Eilish and her communication with her fiancee's father.

It seems that Nicole was awakened in the early hours by an apparition in her room accompanied by loud knocking. It was her fiancee's father he had just passed away in hospital. He wanted to give messages to his family about the dangers of materialism. He had particular messages for his son William. One day he appeared to Nicole while William was there and he wanted to give William a fish. So as Nicole was the only one who could see the old man she told William to kneel in the middle of the room with his hands out. His father then put the fish in William's hands and he could feel the cold wetness and the weight of it, even though only Nicole could see it. Nicole said that the smell of fish permeated the apartment all day. Eventually because the father wanted to give messages to all the family she organised a meeting of the family. She acted as an intermediatory for him and passed the messages and communications back and forth. After the session was finished Nicole told him that he had to go on to "the Light". At that moment two Angels appeared and he went with them from this border plane to a place of rest.

Another time something similar happened was when a girlfriend's cousin died in Ireland. Within hours of the death and almost immediately Nicole was informed, she was talking to the person that had crossed over. The deceased said that she was surprised by the after-death experience and it wasn't anything like she had expected, as a Catholic. This communication helped her friend to come to terms with her cousin's death. Nicole described the deceased and even knew that another relative had passed over pretty recently. The deceased had been met by members of her family and was quite happy to be deceased. She had died of cancer at about twenty eight years of age. Nicole relayed some messages and thoughts as well. Nicole had done the same thing for the same friend with regard to her friend's mother, who had died, some two years previously. Nicole describes the appearance of the deceased without ever having known or seen her.(This seems to be a Seva work that Nicole is performing. For knowing what has happened to a loved one after they cross over seems to be very comforting, and the real nature of what death is understood better.)There are other examples but there is no point in recounting them all.

Her idea of God is Universal Energy or The Shakti, although she doesn't use that term. Another daughter Stella is able to see spirits as well. She has seen old men sitting watching television, and then going out to look at the ocean view. She has sensed them around amd seem some previous dwellers of various houses. (Reference)

That's right, O'Clery claims that his family can "sense things", can see dead people, can talk to dead people, can see auras, can talk to animals, are clairvoyant, are clairaudient, have "giant spirits" protecting them, read tarot cards, can heal people with their hands and can see old, dead men watching television!

Tony even described himself as "psychic". Tony also believes he can converse with dead people and hear their voices in his head and that he enters demon trances.

This is the Anti-Sai weirdo who blathers about others suffering from "True Believer Syndrome".

CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE: Tony OClery - Brigid OClery - Jean OClery The Psychic Trio: Tony, Brigid and Jean O'Clery

11754, 96 Ave,
Phone: +1.604-585-6502

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tony O'Clery's Bologna Machine Kicks Into High Gear

Anthony Tony O'Clery
Living In Vancouver, British Columbia

On the SSB2 Yahoo Group and on a QuickTopic message-board, Tony "Bologna" O'Clery is spreading vicious lies in which he now asserts that when he was a devotee he was aware of prostitution, drug, sex and pedophile rings at Sai Baba's ashrams. O'Clery even claims he knows where these alleged pedophile rings are located at! Despite allegedly knowing all this information, O'Clery did absolutely nothing about it and allowed and ignored (if true) the sexual abuse of children!

As a matter of fact, O'Clery strongly denied the allegations of pedophilia and sexual abuse against Sathya Sai Baba when he was a devotee. Now however, O'Clery is taking it one step further and is now claiming that he "narrowly escaped" being sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba himself!

The following posts were made on a kundalini website by Anthony O'Clery when he was a devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Very revealing, if you ask me.

On a Kundalini website, Tony O'Clery (aka "aoclery") said:
Namaste All,

On the K-list, as most of you probably noticed, there was an attack on Sai Baba. He neither needs any praise or defence. The usual claims that he molests little boys etc. How the President and Prime Minister of India haven't noticed this I don't know!
Anyway I personally know the 'high profile' individuals, who are travelling around doing this, Sweden, New York, Europe, Australia etc. There are complicated reasons why they are doing this and I can't mention them here.

After the battle of Lanka and the defeat of Ravana, one of Rama's generals came up and stated how happy he had been to serve. Rama replied 'yes, but in your next life you will be my enemy.'

This is the concept of miracle-game or 'Leela'. One has to bear in mind 'all is one', even in this appearance upon The Self. It is the The Lord who plays both the friend and foe, demon and saint, for whatever reason, inexplicable to our minds. Sometimes more can be done by a foe rather than a friend. Hatred, at least, is not indifference.

In the end result it is what one learns from the Guru, that is important. As Swami says." Don't be a devotee of My Form, but of My Teachings".

Love and Sai Ram, Tony. (Reference)

On a Kundalini website, Tony O'Clery (aka "aoclery") said:
Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters,

Here is a copy of a posting on that negative Site of Bailey and company.(I see others posted as well,John D. but I fear it may be a waste for those who are debunkers, but it will help those who come across the site)


I also have seen vibhuti and amrit manifest as I watched. In Srirangapatna, I had lockets in the palm of my hand produce unending copious amounts of amrit.One tiny locket filled a glass below my hand. I have seen the same thing elsewhere as well, where there is no room for trickery. Whether some of the manifestations are real or apports is really irrelevant. The biggest miracles are in the transformation of His devotees, I am an example, He took me off alcohol and introduced me to meditation and Vedanta, I am a huge sceptic. Unfortunately to a legal or critical eye, none of the accusations stand up, they are all hearsay. What about the 'wishfulfilling tree', at Prashanti that produced all kinds of different fruit. Also to a man who has produced a living breathing monkey in front of witnesses in the interview room. Anything is possible. If He was the pervert that some accuse Him of being, he wouldn't need boys from the college, he could make His own, with no repercussions!!!!!!

I am still a Devotee but I have gone beyond needing a Guru. If this is the case with some then go peacefully to your own contemplation, these attacks on Baba indicate your remaining intense attachment to Him. This is whom you will merge at death!! If there is any weakness in His organisation it is that devotees especially some executives do not follow his,'commandments', but that is the egoistic human condition. This is a far more serious thing than debunking miracles, for these people are His representatives in the world so to speak. So WATCH! Most of what I see here on this site is unscientific, unacademic and hearsay from people who'se egoistic desires were not met by Swami in some way.

Love and Sai Ram,Tony. (Reference)

On a Kundalini website, Tony O'Clery (aka "aoclery") said:
Namaste All, a couple of points; Jenell, Dan etc

My observations about the state of K of many on this list, is not judgemental just an observation. It is obvious that most is just cleansing prana and lower chakra activity. To me anyway!

Secondly: Dan Winter's rush to judgement on Sai Baba, very unprepared and displayed incredible ignorance of Tantra, Ojas etc for someone on a K list. Seems to fit my observations mentioned above.

He wrote:-It seems Dan Winter was after all correct about Sai Baba...I have recently made contact with some former VIP devotees from the UK, Sweden and Australia. They all claim the same independently and there is now proof coming out that Sai Baba is nothing more than a simple fraud with no mystical powers and he is having sexual relationships with some of his young students

With grace it has taken my some time and several hundred combined posts, ( I was posting by myself against the group of donkeys) to totally demolish the credibility of the posters and that site. Their final 'ace in the hole', turned into a dud and there was really no evidence of sexual impropriety by Baba. Tantric Healing and Ojas stimulation that's all, most of these debunkers were totally ignorant of K, Tantra, Ojas, Chakras, Nadis etc, as it seems the case with some here on K-list as well.

The only thing they established was that Swami didn't manifest all the time, a well known fact to those that read what he has said about this.

It was admitted there were miracles, bilocations and strange phenomena around and connected with him.

Their main stars Bailey and even Larsson proved nothing in the sexual allegations except an ignorance of Tantra. Sure they were shocked to find out that he didn't materialise all the time but I had quotes for that. Their level of devotion was based on miracles that's all. The other thing that was obvious was that Baba was using Ateeta Sakti or Yogic Mass Hypnotism as Moses did with the staff into a snake trick with the Egytian priests.

I feel sorry that their site has been demolished, and discredited so but it was based on crude slander, unfounded allegations, and a singular unprofessional and unprepared approach. All allegation were answered by; Yes he doesn't materialise all the time and he conjures and Yes there was sexual touching to do with chakras energy and ojas, all else was fabrication by disgruntled people in one case a student who failed in the school.
I don't want to argue the toss with people on here like I did with those losing donkeys and filtheaters on the other site, but this is my answer to Dan Winter's horseshit and sensationalism that is so damaging to people more sensitive than he is. If you don't want to leave it as this then by all means bring out the guns and do your worst but let it lie at your feet. In the meantime read up on prophets, tantra etc. I do not want to descend to the gutter and rhetoric that I had to use to discredit that site and their evidence, that's up to you.

Tony O'Clery,

ready if you are! Dan, I can hardly take you seriously anymore or your friends. (Reference)

This from a guy who believes that he can converse with dead people and hear their voices in his head and that he enters demon trances. No kidding! Such are the Anti-Sai weirdos, clowns and nutters trying to "expose" Satya Sai Baba.

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