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Monday, February 04, 2008

Tony O'Clery - A Bitter Old Man

It appears that after GuruRatings Sarlo slapped Anthony Tony O’Clery with a temp ban, he went psycho and started spamming various individuals with hateful emails (a known and typical tactic of his).

The following three posts from the GuruRatings Yahoo Group are just more proof that Tony O’Clery (aka aoclery) is spiraling out-of-control (please note that the referenced links to the GuruRatings Yahoo Group require a membership):

GuruRatings Post # 01:
“Yeah Tony sent me all that shit too.

It is old and tired and irrelevant to ANY thingy we are about on GR.

I say if Tony won't take down those Ancient History sites and join the Real nondual world, then I say, BAN him Absolutely (no reading rights either, if that's possible) from GR until he does.

TonyO, for all his Via Para-Advaita Negativa, he SURE is carrying an entire SHITLOAD of Heavy Duty Hate and Ill-Will.

Not a good segue into the next incarnation.

No Anti-Sai site takedown, No TonyO.

Categorically, Non-Negotiably.

Tony's about a TRULY nondual as my wife's asshole, I mean MY asshole, whatever.

Gay and Bi-Guru Gary Straights Accepted too, with note from therapist or spiritual counselor.”


GuruRatings Post # 02:
“Yes, I did research into this once and it is true, Sai goes out of his way to be kind

I don't understand the fuel behind TonyOc's hate.

Yes, I double that. I got 2 e-mails form Tony in privi after Sais' Birthday saga what was the same old hate flame nonsense..”


GuruRatings Post # 03:
A screen-cap to another post (Reference):


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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tony's Temp Ban On GuruRatings

Tony O'Clery has a big mouth and doesn't know when to shut up. As a matter of fact, Tony O'Clery's verbal diarrhea finally got to GuruRatings Sarlo and he finally slapped Tony with a temporary ban.

On January 30th 2008, Sarlo (owner of the GuruRatings Yahoo Group) said:
Sarlo's post to Tony:
As seen from here, this is completely disingenuous. The nicest thing you could have done for his (presumed) birthday would have been to shut the fuck up, instead of post after post after post after post after post after post after post after post after post after post about how fucked up he and his association with SSB are. We have been there and done that, as you well know, so this is singularly ungracious.

In a way it's too late. The opportunity to shut the fuck up has already been missed, but perhaps late is better than never. So to help you to remember to shut the fuck up, you can have a vacation from posting for a couple of weeks. As you know, i am not a sympathizer of the guru-figure you love to criticize. This is about you, not your "cause."

You mentioned in another post something about someone else's obsession. Take this as an opportunity to examine obsession a little closer to home. It is clear from your sharings with Joyce and others that the inner crab will take any excuse to dump some of its oversupply of invective. Time to ask, "How's it workin for ya?" Surely a jivanmukta is not so universally censorious.

Ta ta, Sarlo

(Reference - Must be a member to view the post)

After Lisa pointed out Tony's ban, he took off on one of his typical rabid rants (using his Saktidasa Account) on the SathyaSaiBaba2 Yahoo Group and made 10 consecutive posts attacking Lisa, Simon and me.

Poor Tony O'Clery. He just doesn't know how to keep his big mouth shut (which seems to be a common characteristic among critics of Sai Baba).

Also See:
- February 4th 2008 Update
- O'Clery Banned From Advaitin Yahoo Group

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Tony Pinocchio O'Clery

On January 28th 2008, Anthony Tony O’Clery submitted an article on the SathyaSaiBaba2 Yahoo Group (which he also published on his website at: that said (in part):
“I have had my computer hacked, my ids usurped, had email sent to me from my own email account,(how do they do this I don’t know, they must have a computer group in sai baba’s H.Q.), porn sent to me etc etc etc. Posts were spuriously written then attributed to me then attacked by the same gang that wrote them. The amount of spurious stuff is nothing short of amazing, every trick in the computer book on character assassination. IPs were manipulated, which was a suprise to me, as I thought they were inviolable. I suspect they had hacked into my hardrive, with some kind of programme. Even suggesting that I wrote my own reviews for my books, by deliberately ‘confusing’ two people with similar names.Kind of like Smith or Smythe,or Smit and Smitts, so Das and Dass.They also take things out of context like saying I said so many millions were killed in the camps, and then saying I said that was the proven total,ignoring that many were not killed in the actual camps, or taking a joke I made about myself re surfing in Australia and then using it along with other distortions to try and discredit me.I even received ‘death threats’ and warning that I would be killed if I returned to India.”

Tony O’Clery is apparently trying to deceive readers into thinking that he did not write many of his hundreds of utterly psychotic posts as recorded on the SathyaSaiBaba2 Yahoo Group, where one can read over 2,300 posts made by his known name of “aoclery” (Ref) and over 110 posts made his known name of “saktidasa” (Ref). Under his saktidasa ID, Tony posted under the following names (Ref):

  • Saktidasa

  • S

  • Narayan

  • N

  • Narayan Dass

  • Juan Carlos Delgado

  • Juan

  • Joe Moreno (using my name)

In most of the “saktidasa” posts, they characteristically begin with “Namaste” and end with a series of periods before the signature (which are characteristic of aoclery’s known writing style). On all these posts, the IPs are identical and resolved to the same internet service provider (Delta Cable Communications Ltd.) originating in the same city (Vancouver) in the same state (British Columbia) and in the same country (Canada) as Tony O’Clery’s.

From the year 2000 (when Tony O’Clery defected from Sai Baba) through January 27th 2008, Anthony Tony O’Clery:

  • - NEVER ONCE stated or complained that his computer was hacked.

  • - NEVER ONCE stated or complained that posts were fraudulently made under his name.

  • - NEVER ONCE stated or complained that he received ‘death threats’ from Sai Devotees (these alleged ‘death threats’ and warnings appear to have originated through his demon trances and psychic family readings).

  • - NEVER ONCE stated or complained that his IDs were “usurped” (as a matter of fact, O’Clery openly claimed that his IDs were shared among visitors in his “guest house” and he gave permission for them to use his IDs 01 - 02).

  • - NEVER ONCE stated or complained that his IPs were manipulated, copied or used fraudulently.

All of these claims are newfound ones and are wholly unbelievable.

It is common knowledge that internet spammers, viruses and trojans can employ a tactic called E-mail Spoofing, through which one can receive spam (including porn spam) from one’s own email address. This tactic is well known and is a very common complaint (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04). Therefore, no one in the Sai Org “hacked” into Tony O’Clery’s computer, email or hard-drive as he erroneously and ignorantly claimed.

It appears that the ever-so-paranoid Anthony Tony O’Clery is doing what he does best: deceive, lie and exaggerate. One can’t help to notice that Anthony O’Clery did not back up any of his allegations with verifiable or referenced material. He did not divulge the alleged death threats. He did not divulge the alleged faked posts. He did not divulge the alleged faked IPs. He divulged absolutely nothing to support his frenzied, conspiracy and paranoid Anti-Sai accusations.

Tony O’Clery is a pathological liar (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04) who has cried “wolf” hundreds of times too many (probably because he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the truth of his nature keeps slipping out).

Proof O’Clery Is “Saktidasa” And Thus “Narayan Dass”:
O’Clery attempted to deceive the gullible and naive into thinking that someone else in his household is posting under the name “saktidasa” (allegedly using the name “Narayan Dass”). However, it is clear that Tony O’clery is lying about not being “saktidasa” (apparently, splitting off to another one of his multiple personalities).

To prove my point, O’Clery signed his own name (i.e., “Tony”) to multiple submissions posted under the name “saktidasa” on his advaitajnana Yahoo Group (Refs: 01 - 02). Why would O’Clery sign his own name to messages allegedly written by “Narayan” (i.e., “Saktidasa”) if he is not “Saktidasa”? I am sure that O’Clery will resort to more of his psycho-babble to explain these significant errors. But to those of us who are aware of O’Clery’s ceaseless pathological lying, his behavior is just more of the same old deceptive slop. It is also important to point out that Saktidasa also begins his posts with “Namaste” and resorts to O’Clery’s typical usage of multiple periods: “......”

View the following two posts:
O’Clery: Source Code: IP:
Saktidasa: Source Code: IP:
The IPs are exactly the same.

The following screencaps show how Tony O’Clery admitted that the “Saktidasa” account was his since 2005 and even signed his own name to posts made by “Saktidasa”:

Image Below: This “Saktidasa” post was signed “Tony”:

Image Below: Tony said, “When I posted under an assumed name Saktidasa...”:

Image Below: A few posts made by “Saktidasa” (Tony O’Clery) on the HarshaSatsangh Yahoo Group:

Read Psychotic Posts Made By Tony O’Clery aka “Saktidasa” aka “Narayan Dass”


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